Playgrounds are places where children progress and develop mentally and physically at the same time. They are places of socialization, stimulation, excitement, joy and elation. They are a space that builds community.

At Redox, we recognize that every child plays and communicates with the world in a unique way. Some are adventurous and like to climb, crawl and search for new adventures, while others prefer to observe the world around them and stay away. Play is an activity that unites all aspects of a child’s life and is a link between the motor, psychological, social and physical development of the child. It allows the child to apply the learned movements and behaviors in different life situations.

Each of our playground projects has five primary considerations:

At the beginning of each playground design, the key questions are:

  • What can be achieved in the playground area?
  • What do children want from a play area?
  • How is it possible to create a space that encourages users to come back and use the playground frequently?
  • Our goal is to activate and delight all users of the playground – from the smallest to the largest. In doing so, we want to offer a number of game options.
  • With each realized project, we progress, learn and get to know the children’s needs in the game.

natural elements

Due to the fact that more and more people live in urban areas, many children do not have the opportunity to experience the beauty of connection with the natural world. At Redox, we are creating sustainable children’s playgrounds in which natural elements such as terrain modeling, higher and lower vegetation, lawns, water elements and sandy surfaces have been introduced. By choosing elements, we strengthen the connection with the environment and offer playground users a multi-sensory game experience that encourages the development of imagination and curiosity.


Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat, Krk
Pirate ship, sandpit and climbers awaken children’s imagination and make a stay at sea unforgettable. Take a peek into the Falky world.

Camping Plitvice, Plitvička jezera
A children’s playground that invites you to play, in the middle of a five-star camp in the heart of untouched nature.

Family Hotel Amarin, Rovinj
We have contributed to the creation of this wonderful place completely adapted to children and play.