Sport & fitness

Exercise outdoors for a fit body and mind

Movement and physical activity are necessary for the body and good health. Every organ, function and process in the body needs energy that comes from movement. Movement and exercise are especially important in today’s stressful times with a sedentary lifestyle.

Training for a good feeling

Redox fitness equipment and sports playground solutions allow everyone to have fun exercising outdoors, regardless of age and fitness. Whether it’s CrossFit, street workout or just a few bends on the crossbar, a good feeling after a workout is invaluable.


Medora Camping & Glamping, Podgora
Fitness equipment that calls for activity and exercise with sea views.

Camping Plitvice, Plitvička jezera
A multifunctional sports field that we have created for all camp guests who want sports and activities while they are on vacation.

Platak, Gorski kotar
Trim trail in the middle of the Gorski Kotar forest with 8 workplaces for strength training of the upper and lower body for athletes and recreationists.