Our purpose:

  • Design and design inspirational playgrounds that stimulate children’s imagination, offer physical challenge and encourage social interaction and creative play.

  • Design play structures that encourage more diverse, creative children’s play that includes children’s imagination and triggers a greater range of children’s sensory sensations.
  • Create unique playgrounds coexisted with the surrounding space that become places of socializing and entertainment for all ages

  • Use the highest quality materials that enable the creation of durable and long-lasting children’s playgrounds

Our approach

Our playgrounds are designed to be inclusive, innovative, unique and exciting. These are spaces for testing boundaries, developing physical and mental abilities. They are spaces enjoyed by users of all ages and abilities.

Within the Redox playground, children are encouraged to engage in physical activity, creative play and social interaction. When designing, we pay great attention to meeting all children’s needs. Our goal is to create ambient-friendly and functional play spaces. We are creating spaces that allow for a diverse game. In addition to catalog devices, we bring to the projects specific thematic devices that are adapted to each project separately and unstructured playground elements – structures that do not have a predefined function, are subject to various purposes depending on children’s imagination.

We develop playgrounds for game, sport and entertainment

We design, visualize, manufacture, install and maintain children’s and sports playgrounds and dog parks, which encourage play, activity and socializing outdoors.
Our interdisciplinary team designs the best playground and park solutions for investors and their users, always taking care of quality and safety, on a turnkey basis.
When designing a playground, the dimensions and specifics of the space and terrain of the location are taken into account. The safety zones for each individual toy are taken into account, depending on the selected surface, and preparatory construction works are planned for the foundation of toys and devices, trying to meet all the requirements of investors.

Focus on security for carefree play

REDOX playgrounds meet high standards of safety and quality. All REDOX toys and equipment are attested and certified according to the Standardization Act of the Republic of Croatia by TUV NORD. Thus, when manufacturing, designing playgrounds and assembling and maintaining playgrounds, we adhere to the relevant European standards and guidelines for the safety of children’s playgrounds (HRN EN 1176 and HRN EN 1177), in order to minimize the risk to children’s safety.
The company operates in accordance with the standards of environmental management (ISO 14001: 2015) and quality management (ISO 9001: 2015), taking into account the management of employee health and safety at work according to the OHSAS 18001 standard.

"We dream, design and build for top-notch entertainment!"

Cheerful and safe oases

Redox playgrounds allow


  • Carefree outdoor play
  • Fun hanging out with friends
    and peers
  • Opportunity to explore, discover, move, interact and communicate
  • Development of imagination, creativity and social skills
  • Development of motor skills, physical coordination and strength


  • Have fun
    in nature for children and family
  • It motivates children to play and physical activity, separating them from monitors and screens of various kinds
  • Quality playground safe for children’s play


  • Creative solutions for playgrounds, sports and fitness according to the wishes and needs of users
  • Execution of unique playgrounds according to specific requirements and wishes (custome made)
  • A reliable partner that offers a complete service of design, planning, design, production and installation of games on site and maintenance and service
  • The use of quality materials and raw materials in the production of toys and equipment, from wood and metal
  • Quality and safe toys manufactured, installed and maintained, certified according to EN 1176 and EN 1177
  • Croatian product

Architects, designers, builders

  • A reliable partner in creating and designing original playground solutions
  • Support in the planning and installation of games in the space, taking into account the specifics of the terrain, the dimensions of the games, game values ​​and safety zones
  • Support in the preparation of technical specifications and visualization of project solutions
  • Execution of spatial elements, urban equipment and games according to the requirements of the conceptual design